Thomas W. Brookins Jr. 

and Earthmovers Video Productions are known amunsgt the surfing industry as New Yorks Surf historians. Thomas has been involved in the growth of extereme sports since he was a pre-teen. Skateboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding have always run deep in his veins. A self tuaght documentarian that fell in love with helping  human beings connect through his lens. In 2005 Thomas picked up a camera for the 1st time as an experiment & documented a community in a "Silent" film surrounding Rockaway Beach and Long Island NY in a short called "Etched in Sections". Though it was never made public, its private screenings were filled with over joyed audiences whose standing ovations inspired Thomas to continue in documentary work. In 2010, He had completed his epic short "Shadows of the Same Sun". A documentary showcasing New York City's eclectic surfing community in Rockaway Beach in the borough of Queens. The film was selected at the NY surfing Film Festival and at the TribeCa Theaters to open an close the event. Later winning Thomas Best Directorial Debut at the NY international Film Festival in Manhattan.


From there his quality of work would later be utilized shooting with Breslin Films on a feature Documentary "Living for 32" which was short listed for an Academy Award and archived with NY City's Film Association and listed as a historical marker. His next venture was Director of Photography in the feature Doc "While We Watch", winning countless awards at film festivals around the world . His work can be seen in many Documentaries/Commercial works. "Fire And Water" is his most recent venture now distributed via "The Orchard", released July 4, 2017.