CBS News Talks Fire And Water

Awards are coming in! What an Honor!


FIRE AND WATER is flying out of the gates! Completed in early 2016, it has already been invited to premiere at the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival in California.

Thank you for having us Newport Beach - we'll see you at the end of April!!!

Click the Crest above to visit the NBFF site. More to come soon - watch out for screening dates.

Bustin Boards story on NY Surfing with Director Thomas W. Brookins Jr.

The Inertia showcases wave riding in NYC in an article by Desiree Melendez

with the short video "Ghosts of October", created by Director Thomas W. Brookins Jr.

Article on the film by the Rockaway Times. A popular NYC beach front media outlet.

Transworld Business Announces Boards

Bustin Boards release of the "Fire and Water" NY Surf historical series skateboards
Blurb from when we 1st started up the project.

Some early write ups online at Surfer Today.