After Superstorm sandy hit New york City, Long Island, New Jersey & devistated the East Coast, Imfamous Surfing Film Maker taylor Steele sets out to make a difference by calling out to the worlds best pro surfers in an attempt to raise attention to the needs of the many effected by the storm. Director Thomas Brookins who lives in 1 of these devistated homes contributed his help in creating this viral video.

Always good to see great things happening in the surf world in New York. Big wave chargers the Skudin family and bring this viral relief video to fruition. Will & Cliff Skudin are family of Casey Skudin, one of the main subjects in the Fire and Water film project. Cant wait to see what NYSea & the Skudin family bring to 2013.Thank you to my fellow NYers.

From the same Beast Coast Crew that brought you Dark Fall the award winning film, heres some love from New Jersey. Thank You Alex for getting involved & showing the world what we're all made of!